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7 Newsletters You Can Send In 10 Minutes Or Less

7 Newsletters in 10 Minutes or Less

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this thought:

“I know I should email my list, but OMG, it’s going to take sooooo loooong.”

(Now that everybody’s hand is up, perhaps we should all do the hokey pokey. Or ride a bull!)

Emailing your list doesn’t have to take forever. It can be quick. Today, I’ve got some ideas for you…

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12 No-Brainer Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rate Today

how to write sales pagesIt is a fact universally acknowledged that the internet has no shortage of posts on how to increase the open rate on your emails.

However! You are probably not helped very much by advice like “create quality content” and “avoid spam filters”. I would like to assume you are not part of the content farming industry or unaware of the fact that low quality leads to low open rates.

So, I present to you …

A handy list of 12 tips for increasing your email open rate, based on the emails I deleted from my inbox today.

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