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How To Know When Your Sales Page Is Good Enough To Create “Deep Trust”

Deep Trust In Sales PagesSales pages are like the packaging that a physical product comes in – they contain words, pictures and design that helps a potential customer evaluate whether or not they want to purchase what’s inside the box.

There’s no doubt that a more appealing package makes an impact on buyer behavior.

A better, more professional looking package can go a long way towards boosting conversion and bringing sales up.

But packaging has a weird kind of culture around it.

Because so many products come in such beautiful (or impressive) packages, it can be easy to assume that people will only buy if the packaging looks exceptional.

This gets reinforced by things like “unboxing” videos, where people literally film the process of opening the package because the design is so noteworthy.

That leads to sellers – like you or I – having anxiety about the quality of our “packaging” and feeling like we have to look exceptional or no one will take our product seriously.

So what do we do about that?

Let’s discuss.

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How To Write About Yourself In Sales Copy Without Cringing and/or Hiding Under The Duvet

How to Write About Yourself In Sales CopyIntroducing yourself – whether on a sales page, an about page, or the bio at the bottom of a blog post – is one of the more challenging aspects of copywriting for people.

It’s not actually hard to do. It’s hard to get yourself to do.

It brings up a lot of personal stuff and internal self-consciousness that makes the average person want to go check on the laundry.

Do they want to check on the laundry? Hell, no. But it’s better than having to… I don’t know… brag about yourself? Make yourself the center of attention?

Being uncomfortable writing about yourself is not mandatory.

I’ve written a lot of copy for people who are too uncomfortable to toot their own horn. I get it, I truly do. Our society has a lot of mixed messages on self-promotion.

But if you’re selling something – whether it’s a product or your expertise – you’re going to need to get comfortable with it.

Once you’re comfortable, the sky’s the limit. You can talk about yourself and all the cool things you have accomplished, learned and experienced in a way that connects with the value you bring to the world.

Now, that’s a beautiful sentiment, but how do you get truly comfortable with writing about yourself? To the point where you can do it well, and without being self-conscious?

You have to do two things: Normalize and templatize.

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How To Make More Money From Your Existing Products

How To Make More Money From Your Existing ProductsWhen people (myself included!) are looking to make more money in their business, our thoughts tend to drift towards doing something new.

New products. New content. New initiatives like Facebook ads, podcasts, joint ventures, list incentives, etc..

Even rebrands are part of the almost automatic reflex towards “new”.

And that’s cool – there’s nothing wrong with doing something new, especially when that’s often a path to stepping up in your business or expanding your offerings.

But you can still make a lot of money with your existing products.

Here’s how.

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My #1 Trick For Creating A New Product Quickly

My #1 Trick For Creating A New Product QuicklyI’m launching a new product on Tuesday, and I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks. The product is all finished, and now I’m just working on writing the sales page.

(What’s the product about? Writing sales pages. How meta.)

Anyway, I’m like every product creator out there, and during the process of creating a new product, there are the inevitable ups and downs.

There are times when I’m all high-energy and excited (Whoo Kris!), and times when I’m staring at the computer, stuck and not knowing what to do next (WTF Kris?!?!).

Being stuck sucks. It makes simple tasks take so much longer than they should.

Sure, making a product involves a lot of steps, and there’s plenty of work involved. That work takes time.

But for me – and I suspect most of you reading this – that time is nothing compared to the amount of time spent feeling stuck, procrastinating and generally feeling anxious AF about the work itself.

If you don’t do something about this, that’s going to cause a multiplier effect that makes your product creation time take between 2 and 10 times longer than it needs to.

So I’m going to tell you a simple trick that I’ve used throughout this project to cut that multiplier effect down and help me build my new course in just a few weeks.

If you do this, every product, blog post or random project will get done so much quicker than usual.

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10 Sources Of Inspiration That Always Lead To Great Blog Posts

10 Sources Of Inspiration That Always Lead To Great Blog PostsSometimes you want to write a blog post, but you’re feeling completely stuck on ideas for… well, anything.

It can be a confusing place to be, because you’re a smart person. You know your stuff – so why can’t you think of anything to write?

The reasons for your stuckness don’t really matter – because the solution is the same:

Use something external to stimulate the creative part of your brain so you can get writing again. Once you have a new idea, you’ll be ready to roll.

But where do you find these sources of inspiration to jump-start your brain?

Great question.

Here are 10 answers that can get your blog moving forward, full speed ahead.

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