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What to Do With “Surprise” Time, Money and Energy

What to Do With Surprise Time, Money and Energy

Whether or not you’re running your own ittybiz, there are three resources that often appear to be in short supply – time, money and energy. You always wish you had more. You always look forward to the future, that magical place where all three of these resources will flow to you in greater supply.

In that magical place, that’s where we see ourselves having the expansive resources to engage in lifestyle design – where we start doing more of the stuff we find fun, and stop doing the meaningless stuff we do just because we’re killing time, or bored, or low-energy. But in the now? We tell ourselves we just don’t have enough [insert resource] to engage in the things we’d “love to start doing”.

However! Life, being the funny trickster it is, often throws little bonus resources our way. A little extra cash. A free afternoon. A burst of energy at 10pm.

These surprises come our FAR more often than we realize – but we don’t notice them because we don’t have a plan for what to do with them when they arrive. It’s tragic, because we all have far more of these resources than we realize, and we could take advantage of them to great profit if we put on our thinking cap for even just a few minutes.

Today, let’s look at how to do just that, so that we can stop wishing we had more time, money, and energy, and get more of those “love to start doing” activities in place than we ever thought possible.

Shall we? I’ll begin with a (true) story.

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How To Build An Easy-To-Run Business

How To Build An Easy-To-Run Business

One day, every single part of your business is going to be easier to do, more streamlined, more organized, more easeful. I don’t know when that day is going to be – it’s different for everyone – but that day is going to come.

At some point, eventually, all the transitions will have taken place, all the new systems and fresh approaches and all that “working smarter” stuff will move from “to-do” to “to-done”, and your business and life will be unimaginably different than it is now.

That’s wonderful. But we’re not there yet, are we? We’re on the timeline, moving forward in our journey to running our business like a boss.

So let’s take a gander at what that journey is going to look like to you. We’re going to peer into the crystal ball and see your future, right now, so you know what’s in store for you.

Here’s the story of how you get from today to that final day when everything is shockingly easy compared to how it is right now.

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The Top 10 Tasks I Assign To My VAs

The Top 10 Tasks I Assign To My VAs

Lauren asks,

I know you have several virtual assistants working right now (and have had many over the years) and I’m curious as to what you do with them. Do you give them easy work, or do they really get in there and do harder tasks? And how much of the business are you personally involved in?

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How to Make Digital Products When You Don’t Have Tech Skills

How to Make Digital Products When You Don’t Have Tech Skills

Creating digital products is an exceptionally fun way to make money – and after 10 years, I have to tell you, it never gets old. (Well, maybe it does. But it sure beats all that temp agency stuff I did in my 20s.)

But what do you do if you kind of suck in the tech-skills department? As someone who well and truly sucks at that – and always has (I’m a 90% Luddite) – I can tell you what I do to make the process easier. Or possible. Or both.

Here’s what I do.

If you suck at tech, you can just follow my example.

(It’s worked for me so far.)

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6 Easy Ways To Get WAY More Pageviews From Existing Traffic

How to Get Way More PageiewsWhen people want more traffic to their website or blog, the first thing they typically think of is gaining NEW traffic through outside sources. They look at things like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, paid ads, guest posts – or whatever “usual suspects” they have in mind when they consider getting their traffic numbers up.

But if all you’re thinking of is getting “new” traffic, you might not be considering how much more mileage you can get out of the existing traffic that is already coming to your website.

That existing traffic may not be a horde of new, fresh eyes on your website, but their page views count just as much as your first-timers’ views do.

In fact, an argument can be made that your existing traffic is better, because they’re coming to your site without any engineered shenanigans, and many of them are repeat visitors, who are already feeling some level of affinity with your brand.
So, let’s look at your existing traffic for a moment.

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