Writing a Book When You’re Busy As Hell: 12 Hacks To Find Time, Save Time, and Write Faster

Writing Your Book: Finding Time When You're BusyToday, we’re going to talk about how to write a book when you’re busy as hell.

In this series, we’ve talked about 7 things writing a book’s going to give you (and 3 things it won’t). We’ve talked about the 5 necessary (and 1 optional) steps in writing your book. And we’ve talked about the 3 things you’re going to need to be “ready”.

In our final installment, we’re talking about fitting writing your book into your existing life, business and schedule.

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How To Write A Book: Your 5 Necessary (and 1 Optional) Steps

How To Write A BookCan I be honest for a moment?

I am overwhelmed by the urge to say, “Previously, on Naomi’s series” like as if it was the beginning of a TV show.

I begrudgingly accept that it wouldn’t work as well in text as it works on ER when George Clooney says it.

But still.

Anyway, yesterday I promised that in this instalment of ER Naomi’s email series, we’d talk about what’s involved in writing a book. With, like, steps and stuff.

Shall we begin?

The 5 Necessary and 1 Optional Steps to Writing a Book for Business

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