My 3 Marketing Strategy Questions That Might As Well Be Superheroes

Marketing strategy

I love the way the internet marketing world has changed throughout the years.

Back in the day, it was all about the tactics. People wanted all the stuff they thought would make money now. I’d mention strategic thinking and I’d get that apathetic, eye-roll response, reminiscent of teenagers being told they should wear sunscreen. BO-RING.

But now? Now, something has changed in the zeitgeist. Now the most common question I get is, “YES, BUT NOM NOM NOM STRATEGY!!!” (Paraphrased, but only lightly.)

So, shall we talk marketing strategy?

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What The Hell Do I Do With My Blog Categories?

Blog Categories

Hey Naomi!

Do you have any tips or any thoughts at all on blog topic categories? That probably sounds so basic but for some reason I’ve never been able to figure out a method for doing it so every article on my blog is just categorized as “screenwriting.” Which I literally have people emailing me to complain about.

So I know I need to fix it, but I don’t get how broad or granular these stupid categories should be, or what kind of a system they need to create, or what they should all add up to. And who knew a person could have so many questions about categorizing blog posts.

Anyway. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Naomi Beaty

Excellent question, Naomi!

As someone who has used ONE category on their blog for thelast many years (“Small Business Marketing”), I can say with authority, you’re not alone. For me, at least, I go into ADD spin-out land when I think of categories. It can be really hard to pin down what you’re writing about in that granular a way.

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