What Do We Do With Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome

Hello, lovely Sarah.

I’ve been thinking about your question for a few days now, and I was having a devil of a time answering it. Every time I went to answer, I found myself incoherent and rambly and not really sure of my own point. Therefore, I have decided to put your email itself away, close my eyes (thank God I can touch type!) and answer the question I think you’re asking.

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Reader Question: When Business Is Too Much

When Business Is Too Much

Hello again!

Ask Me Anything week continues with a question from the lovely Alex:

Hey, Naomi Dunford,

I think my question is too personal and scary, but if I don’t ask I’ll feel stupid later.

I really connect to a lot of your material, because of how messed up my life has been.
I really want to have a sustainable business. I work on things all the time (I draw, and write books), but I’m such a screwed up everything-complicated-long-story that it feels impossible.

How do you go from having nothing to actually making some kind of money? How do you get through the ridiculous parts, where you’re almost not even a functional human, and gather yourself together enough to be professional enough, shiny enough, and genuinely useful enough to have a business?

Is there a point where it’s just too much, and I should accept that I’m a discardable human to all the other people? How do you get from “I’m completely screwed over because of [life-story]” to “I make fifty dollars a month consistently, and now I can use marketing techniques to make more”?

I hope that’s not a stupid question.

I don’t want to give you my website or anything, because I feel stupid. But my name’s Alex.

Here’s my answer…

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