(Steal My Line!) My 1-Question Clarity Call

My 1-Question Clarity Call
We’ve done a lot of talking about us on the blog lately, you and I. We’ve talked about our content, we’ve talked about our branding, and we’ve talked about our rates.

And while I love talking about us – I do – it is time for us to shift the focus of our little chats.

We’re going to shift our focus to someone who is, unbelievably, EVEN MORE AWESOME than you and I.

We’re actually going to take the perspective of the very coolest person in the whole, entire universe.

We’re going to think about…

…Your Next Client.

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My 3-Step Process For Raising Your Rates

Raising Your Rates In 3 Steps
Let’s talk about raising your rates.

In 2008, my first public coaching offer was “two hours for $99”.

Just in case the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, that’s $49.50 an hour. Minus transaction fees.

That’s less than a mid-range plumber in a small town.


Whatever service it is that you’re offering, the odds are pretty good that you’re charging too little.

Some of you are charging WAY too little. So little that nobody’s taking you seriously. This leads to a lack of clients. (Or a lack of good clients, which is sometimes worse.)

Others among you are charging a basically decent rate, but not enough to meet your branding or financial goals. Yes, technically, it’s an OK rate. But it doesn’t afford you the freedom opportunities you’re craving, and it sure as hell doesn’t make you look A-List.

We’re going to talk about fixing that today. You might be surprised by how simple the process is.

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The 200% Branding Solution

The 200 Percent Branding Solution
It has been said that if you have integrity, 99% of your decisions are made for you.

That sounds true.

However, I’m not in the integrity business. I’m in the marketing business.

In the marketing business, it’s a little different.

In marketing, if you have a solid brand, 99% of your decisions are made for you.

Branding can feel complicated and ethereal and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, you can build an entire brand out of just one word.

That’s what we’re going to do today.

We’re going to get you one word, and that can be your brand.

Today I’ll teach you something called The 200% Branding Solution, and it’s very simple.

If you’re brave, it can take about ten seconds.


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